Welcome to Castaway Studios

Castaway studios first opened it's door in 1999. It was one of the first professional commercial casting studio in Los Angeles.

Castaway studios is technologically advanced and consistently upgrading to meet the leading industry standards.

The studios are walking distance to Starbucks, Coffee Bean, Bristol Farms, The lvy, Newsroom Cafe, Madeos, and in the vicinity of stylish Robertson Bivd. and the Beverly Center.

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Digital Services

Facilities / Features

production office

9 Digital Studios

Fully equipped studios

Conference Room

2 Separate Dedicated InterneT Lines

production office

Full Service Kitchen

2 callBack Rooms


Studio Rates

Full Day w/Operator


Full Day (Print Only)


Weekend Rate


Callback full Day




Hourly Rate


Overtime (before 9am - after 7pm)


Editing / Extras

Editing (Before 8PM)




EDITING (After 10PM)


Editing (9am-8pm/ Weekends)


Digital Photographer w/strobe


Hourly Rate


Parking (2 Spaces w/Studio rental)


Shipping... Cost +20% Handling

Meals... Cost + 20% Handling


Sony Mini-DV/ DVD-R

$20 ea

Color Copies

$1 ea


Posting Print/ Video Upload


Posting Revised/ Edit


Video Conference

Per hour (minimum 2 Hours)

Call for Rate

After Minimum

Call for Rate

Additional Bridge

Call for Rate

Additional Bridge

Call for Rate